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Ubuntu – I am because you are. An African philosophy rooted in Xhosa and Zulu cultures.

Hi, and welcome to the REDLIPSTICKTRIBE.

Born out of a Facebook group set up in 2020 to support women. Red Lipstick Tribe events are designed to enhance your spiritual and personal journey supporting you to “Do the Things that Make You Feel Good” and living the life you were born to live.

I know life throws curve balls at us, trust me I’ve been there. Redundancy, divorce, family concerns, threats to housing, health and life itself. These interruptions create opportunity for CHANGE and HEALING, often describes that consistent journey. Surely it’s therefore important to explore what your ‘HEALED’ looks and feels like.

I’m happy to share that mine is to feel love and compassion for myself to be at peace with my choices and not to second guess myself.

Part of my Journey and passion is to travel the world supporting women to learn, heal and grow through therapeutic tools, spirituality and self-love the most important tool required for your healing…… and I want to take you with me…… ready?

There’s a profound magic in community healing as individuals unite, their collective energy generates ripples of shared experiences and self-awareness, culminating in the phenomenon of community healing. Within this process, we all find restoration and renewal which all deserving of.

Our international retreats and workshops, provide a safe space for self-reflection, personal development and healing supported by an array of skilled facilitators and healing modalities including, Yoni Steaming & Shamanic Healing.

I look forward to meeting you.


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